Why Do You Need a Senior Medical Alert System

home medical alert systems

A home medical alert system is a valuable accessibility to have in your house. Particularly if you have seniors in your house, an alert system could potentially save lives. These systems work in case of medical or non-medical emergencies to provide immediate assistance. There are a number of reasons why a person requires immediate assistance and the senior medical alert system can help serve these people in times of need. Here we describe the basic reasons why you should get a senior medical alert system as well as the many things you should look for in order to make the best deal.

What is a medical alert system?

Before you indulge in the reasons why you need one, let us first introduce the main parts of these systems to understand them better. Typically, it consists of a base station and a wireless station. They have different levels of complexities. Some are limited to the home only, whereas others have an entire network alongside them. The device is connected to a number of houses and people to alert all of them. The signaling button is usually given to the senior or is in close vicinity so that they can press it without trouble. The button is then linked to all the contacts. The button usually works on batteries so that it is able to function even during an n electricity shortage. Clearly, the system is a self-sustaining facility built to help seniors in case of emergencies.

Why you should have a senior medical alert system

There are a number of reasons why you should consider getting the senior medical alert system. Here are some valid reasons to consider the option.

You live alone

Living alone means that if you are sick, injured or in need of urgent help, you will not be able to get it from nearby. In these circumstances, chances are that you will not be able to reach your cell phone either. In this case, a simple push of the button on the senior medical alert system will help notify the appropriate health services as well as the people you trust whom can them come over immediately to help. You. Emergency services are quick to respond to such alerts and may mean the difference between life and death. This if you have parents who prefer to live alone it is always a great idea to install this emergency button. In emergencies, they may not be able to make a call, but they can surely press the button.

Preexisting medical condition

Some debilitating diseases such as heart disease or asthma can strike without a preceding system. It is a medical emergency and you may not have the energy to call someone or tell him or her your problem. A simple phone call may go unnoticed, but an alarm system specially built to serve as an emergency will surely stand apart to make itself heard. Hence, a senior medical alert system can call the appropriate medical services and loved ones as soon as possible. The systems can also be connected to people in the neighborhood who can check up on the senior in case the alarm goes off. This immediate help can help seniors in times of need and provide the much-needed immediate care.


When you dial a cell phone number you do not have any guarantee about whether the person will answer the call or not. They may be unavailable or their phone may be switched off. Even when they do answer the phone, they could be too far away to be of any use. In these cases, it is difficult to actually reach a senior in time. A senior medical alert system, on the other hand, is built as an alert system to notify the right people of an emergency. It signals immediate action so that whoever receives the signal knows how to act immediately. Obviously, this is a much more effective way of signaling a problem then trying to dial unreachable phone numbers, which may not be productive at all.

Extra protection

Senior medical alert systems are not only devised to go off when they hit an alarm button but have added use as well. Many come with high tech detectors that can detect gas leaks for instance. This helps to create an alarm in the house and present a catastrophe. Had it not been for the system, the gas may have caught fire, resulting in severe damage.

Other monitoring services include intruder alert systems. These come into play as soon as an intruder breaks the threshold. This serves to protect the house and belongings when you are too slow to wake up in the night or cannot reach for help at the time. In addition, many of them have a special system installed which serves to notify you if your systems have been tripped. You can go out with the system activated or simply stay in and arm the system at night for added protection.

Clearly, there are a number of reasons why you should have a senior medical alert system in your house. However, there are a number of systems in the market, which make it difficult to choose the right ones. Here are some things you need to keep in mind in order to get the best package for yourself.

  1. Pricing and features, you need to assure yourself that you really want the features that come with the package. You do not want to spend money on features you will not ever use.

  2. Experience and reputation, check out the past testimonials and the reviews of the company. Talk to past clients about response time and service performance. This will help you get the best service in the market.

  3. The range of the system, it is extremely important that you understand this point. Whether it will work if you go about the house or whether it is strictly in the house only. All of this affects the usability of the system.

  4. Ease of use, you need a senior medical alert system that is easy to set up. There is no use of getting one that you cannot operate to its full capacity. Always make sure you understand the system or ask for a workshop to help explain how it works

If you keep these things in mind, you are sure to get the best senior medical alert system for yourself. It will help you stay safe and protected. Yes, it does cost extra, but it also provides a ton of benefits as well!


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